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In accordanceand with the duration of the course of the disease, chronic and acute anhidrosis are distinguished.

The main symptoms of anhidrosis are increased dryness of Clarinex and lack of sweating. High dryness of the skin leads to the fact that they crack. Through cracks, pathogens easily penetrate inside, causing infectious and inflammatory diseases. Sweat not only moisturizes the skin, it also removes various toxins from the body. Therefore, the cessation of sweating leads to the development of an intoxication syndrome, which is characterized by an increase in body temperature, nausea and vomiting, as well as vasomotor reactions. At the same time, the body seeks to remove the toxic substances accumulating in it, using the system of other organs. As a result, frequent loose stools occur, the amount of urine separated increases.

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Moisture sensors are attached to the patient's skin to identify areas where sweat separation is impaired. After that, he is given to drink a drug that increases sweat production, or histamine is injected intradermally. To enhance the production of sweat, the patient is wrapped in a special thermal blanket. Effective treatment of Desloratadine is possible only if the cause that caused its development can be eliminated. With local anhidrosis, it is important to avoid overheating of the body, as well as regularly lubricate the affected areas of the skin with indifferent ointments, apply moisturizers to them.

To improve the condition of the skin, vitamin therapy is indicated. Usually, multivitamin preparations are prescribed for this purpose, which include vitamins A (retinol) and B12.

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The state of acute generalized anhidrosis is the basis for urgent hospitalization. In the hospital, the patient is prescribed a plentiful drink, intravenous infusion of saline solutions, and physical cooling of the body is carried out.